2014 Resolutions

In 2014, I want to be happier, get healthier, and enjoy myself and my life more.

Mind: Be Happier.

How: 1) Finish reading and carrying out suggestions in The Happiness Project. Use things now, don’t save them. Enjoy more of life in the moment. Smile more. Sing more. Do things that make me happy. Less is more.

Body: Get Healthier. 

How: 1) Sleep more. 70 hours a week, on average. No night less than 5.5 hours. Track and measure using SleepDebt, Fitbit, and Sleepbot. 2) Exercise more. Gradually increase from 10,000 steps/day with Fitbit. 3) Eat less bad food and more good food. Less sodium in diet, lower blood pressure. Less sodium. Return to a healthy BMI and Body Fat % (which I had just 4 months ago…)

Professional: Reflect and connect more.

How: 1) Connect with students better. Listen to their kind of music. Watch TV shows they are interested in. See movies they are seeing. Read books they like. I think that by being better able to connect with the younger students, I will be more effective and they will respect me more. 2) Continue to self reflect on areas to improve. Every day is a learning experience. 3) Continue to build “my brand”. I need to sell myself more. Blog, vlog, and get myself out there. Connections.

Personal: Enjoy.

How: 1) Enjoy Life. Spend less time texting and using my phone and more time enjoying the world. 2) Organize my real world (desk) the same way I have done with my virtual world.


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