Joined the CTA


I have had more than one professor warn me about the dangers of liability lawsuits and the urgent need for professional liability insurance during the two semesters of student teaching (and beyond). School district insurance policies are typically designed to protect the district, not the teacher, and definitely not an unemployed student teacher. After countless warnings from different professors, I decided to research insurance options, and ended up going with the CTA/NEA membership insurance (which is a benefit extended to “student membership” members).

It’s really scary and awesome at the same time to realize that, not only am I now a member of a professional organization, but that I’m one step closer to actually becoming a teacher. In less than 4 months from now, I will be stepping foot into a classroom as a student teacher to begin my last leg of the long journey to finally become a teacher. (I only *just* realized that student teaching is less than 4 months away. Wow. Now that’s scary.)

I’m excited for what lies ahead of me, but I’m nervous at the same time. I can’t wait to get started! (And thankfully, I’ve got insurance to back me up in the event something goes horribly wrong…)

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